Frequently Asked Questions

What type of promotional events do you do?

Think events less in the sense of weddings and parties and more in the sense of meeting your customers in a way that feels more spontaneous and less stuffy and middle-aged. It’s about meeting with your audience face to face as your brand and establishing relationships

Do you run digital or print media campaigns?

No. We specialize in promotional outreach. Whilst our face to face strategies will be designed to compliment a clients existing marketing, we do not handle other forms of campaign for them.

What type of industry do you typically market for?

We don’t specialize! We believe that every company can elevate their campaign or brand through high quality in-person brand representation.

Why should I bring my campaign to you and not one of the other New York agencies?

Our commitment to quality. The success of our team on a personal level is intertwined with the success of your campaign, meaning that we produce work where we treat your brand like it was our own. The risk when outsourcing to an agency is that you have to trust them, we negate that with our approach leaving you as a client to sit back and relax whilst we produce (and overachieve) on the KPI’s and targets you set for us.