How We Do It

There’s no such thing as an ‘overnight success’  so when we first begin with a client we follow a strict process for scaling campaigns.


Test Phase

We can begin a live test and produce sample results within 24 hours. We will dedicate a small but proven team for a 2-12 week period to work solely on your campaign; creating promotional events and more importantly quantifiable data for you to assess that we can live up to your promise of delivering results.


Roll Out

Once we have a viable strategy for a F2F campaign and results that you’re happy with, we will begin scaling up a campaign. Within 6 weeks we can have 100% growth in terms of representation of your brand. We only promote internally, meaning whichever Project Manager you are assigned to can handle every aspect of your promotional campaign and train our staff to an exceptional level within that.



Once we hit your KPI’s or exhaust your budget, we will do a review with you. Our senior team come from a competitive backgrounds, so the concepts of constructive feedback, analysing performance and looking for areas to make improvements are key to our success. Following a successful campaign we will renew the budget at this juncture too.

We are versatile enough to pull off a range of promotion events:

  • Live app demonstration 
  • Fundraising
  • Commuting hotspots
  • Flash mobs
  • In-store 
  • Music festivals
  • Sports games
  • Corporate presentations
  • Consumer presentations
  • Brand ambassadors